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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ralph - picture book review

The herding dogs funnel you down their path. Do you feel as though the world is trying to tell you something?

Ralph is lovely to look at with its large digitally altered colour photographs and appropriate for children with its simple language. I also created "Ralph" precisely so that it could perform a double function and act as a guide, pointing the way in its Indic philosophy to spark one's greater consciousness and spiritual awareness. However, if one chooses to ignore that second level, Ralph the picture book is still awfully cute. 

It is the first volume in the Time, space, all you need is eight series under development and is available in 8.5x11 book format for $13 from and Createspace as well as in $4-$5 eBook format from Googlebook or Lulu. The main Ralph blog page indexed on the right contains open links, a book description, and the Googlebook preview.

-elaine morrison-   

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