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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drums Finale 1-4 - music

"Another boring day in British Columbia, as long as the roads are rock slide free and the house isn't blown away by wind. And stay out of the brush. Canadians tried to sell plots containing the national highway, parched land where the closest water supply was six hundred feet underground, and lots in the valley beside two main rail lines...but the trains only ran at night. And it's not as if on that cross country route there'd be a lot of them. Or that they had big loud horns or anything like that."(Event Field by elaine morrison)

Drums finale 1-4
percussion, theme 14, mov. 4
Symphony #1 - When I Die I'm Gonna Work For the Mossad
by elaine morrison
- audio CD ISBN 0973968214 - data CD score ISBN 0973968249

 -elaine morrison-

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